Traumatic Brain Injury Following a Car Crash

Automobile accidents are one of the more common causes of injury and death in the United States. In Texas, thousands of people die every year in car crashes. In the United States, there are 37,000 auto accident deaths per year [2]. While the vast majority of those who are in car accidents survive, millions of people are still injured per year in U.S. car accidents. 

Car accidents result in many different types of non-fatal injuries. The kind of harm depends on the nature of the crash and what safety precautions the driver was using. Wearing, or not wearing, your seat belt influences the type and seriousness of the injury. Whether the impact occurred at the front, side, or back is also relevant. If the person was not facing straight ahead when the accident occurred, this might affect the injury type. Airbags are also a relevant factor. 

Types of injuries include soft tissue injuries (to the muscles, tendons, ext), scrapes and cuts (often from being cut with broken glass or other objects), head injuries (potentially fatal but sometimes minor), and injuries to the chest, arms, or legs. Higher speeds, of course, result in more severe injuries. 

There are two main types of injuries suffered in car crashes. These are penetrating injuries and impact injuries. Impact wounds result from the head, limbs, or body slamming against a hard object. Penetrating injuries usually involve being cut by broken glass, although many other objects may penetrate the body in a severe accident. Either type of damage can be minor or can cause disability or death. Car accidents are the ninth most common cause of death in the world and one of the most common reasons for serious injury as well [3]. An auto accident lawyer can help you if you have been injured. 

Brain and head injuries 

Wounds to the head can easily be fatal. If the head hits the windshield or the steering wheel hard enough, he or she may be killed. A seat belt can save lives by preventing the head from hitting the windshield, but seat belts do not work as well to prevent the head from colliding with the side window. 

Blows to the head can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A traumatic brain injury sounds like it must always be dire, but some TBIs are minor concussions that heal on their own and do no harm. Lasting and permanent mental disability can result from brain injuries. Sometimes the head can be seriously injured without any damage to the brain. One can fracture the skull, break the jaw, or lose teeth in car accidents. Head injuries can be long-lasting, even if they do not damage the brain. Suffering a severe concussion can lead to problems decades later. Even if a victim initially fully recovers from a brain injury, it can still come back to haunt them later on. Many people are luckier with serious concussions and do not face problems as a result of their old injuries. Consult an auto accident attorney or truck accident attorney if you have suffered a serious concussion. 

Neck and back injuries 

When a car accident occurs, the neck can be jerked back and forth so quickly that it leads to injury. Being hit from the rear is less dangerous than being hit from the front of your car. However, being hit from the back is more likely to jerk the neck and spine around violently. A neck injury of this type is known as a whiplash injury. As for all car accident injuries, it can be anywhere from minor to fatal. 

One can also suffer a spinal cord injury without whiplash. The impact can damage the spine as well, pushing spinal discs out of place, which may lead to disability. The vocal cords may become paralyzed, leading to difficulty speaking after an accident. Permanent or temporary loss of sensation in one’s arms and legs can occur with a back injury. One’s arms and legs may also become harder to control even if they are still functional. 

Injuries to the chest or abdomen 

Chest injuries are widespread in these accidents. The impact can cause broken ribs or, even more seriously, internal injuries. Sometimes it can be less severe, for example, bruising or not much more than that. One’s chest might collide with the steering wheel. While seat belts prevent far more injuries than they cause, a seat belt can injure the chest. 

Injuries to the chest can cause heart attacks if the person already has heart problems. A heart attack as a result of a car crash is much less likely if the person has a healthy heart. A chest injury can also lead to internal bleeding in the chest area, which can kill without medical attention. Damage to the organs of the lower abdomen is more dangerous due to these organs not being protected by the rib cage. 

Leg and arm injuries 

In a car, especially in the driver’s seat, one’s legs have little room for movement. Car accidents can, therefore, break and bruise legs easily. The shock of an impact can also because one’s arms to flail around, hitting the doors and windows hard. These injuries are much less likely to lead to disability or death than injuries to the head or body. 

Psychological injuries 

Physical injuries can cause lasting mental harm. Injuries and deaths to others can also mentally harm a person who is involved in a car accident. This can lead to a person developing post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be a debilitating condition. Even if a person does not suffer from the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety can occur after a car accident. A person may find driving stressful for a long time after a severe collision. About 10% of people who are in severe car accidents end up with PTSD [4]. Legal settlements for car accidents can undoubtedly take post-traumatic stress disorder into account. Car accident and injury attorneys understand the concept of mental anguish following a car accident and take it very seriously.

Legal help 

If you or someone you love has experienced a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another driver, you should retain the services of an experienced, diligent attorney. Dealing with an injury of this type can be very difficult, and being forced to deal with an adverse insurance company can make things worse. Take care of yourself, focus on your recovery, and let experienced injury attorneys handle dealing with your claim.